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European Museum Night, 16th edition

Saturday, November 14th, at 9 p.m.

European Museum Night, 16th edition

European Museum Night, 16th edition

nuit des musées 2020
Published at 12 November 2020
For the 16th edition of the European Night of Museums, the Marc Chagall national Museum proposes a digital event


by the artists' collective 19 Boulevard Bouillon


Saturday, November 14th, at 9 p.m.


"Ecoute Respire // Bleu" is a film written and directed by Jossia Clément and Ilia Osokin. Shot behind closed doors in the spaces of the Marc Chagall national Museum, this film is a metaphor, in four acts, of the creative process. Dance, textile art, music and poetry are here summoned to celebrate the birth of the creative gesture and its power of incarnation in matter and spirit.

"I am blue" said Marc Chagall (1887-1985) whose joyful and inventive work combines a hymn to colour and a message with universal appeal. It is in the heart of his museum, home to the painted cycle The Biblical Message and the stained glass window of The Creation of the World, that the artist duo proposes to replay the cycle of creation, at the crossroads of the artistic territories and cultures of the world.


Rendez-vous on Saturday November 14th, at 09:00 pm for the diffusion of the film (duration: 30 min)
on the YouTube channel of the Alpes-Maritimes national museums of the 20th century

followed by a live in the presence of the artists, Jossia Clément and Ilia Osokin,
and Gaïdig Lemarié, in charge of cultural partnerships for the national Museums of the 20th century in the Alpes-Maritimes.


Born in 1992, Jossia Clément is a multidisciplinary artist. Her practice, centred on gesture, mixes dance, textile art and poetry.

Born in 1991, Ilia Osokin is a composer and multi-instrumentalist musician. Exploring the classical and contemporary repertoire, his music works in the field of "Cinémusique" where history is seen through sound. Together, they form the collective 19 Boulevard Bouillon, an imaginary workshop and culture broth, where the two artist-researchers like to experiment by all means

« Que le bleu, bleu, bleu du ciel
La pulsation de ton cœur
La dynamique de tes pas
Que l'acte créateur jamais ne te quitte
Quelques soient les frontières que tu traverses. »

Jossia Clément

Movie direction : 19 boulevard Bouillon
Musical composition and interpretation : Ilia Osokin
Choregraphy, scenography and costumes : Jossia Clément
Voice : Elodie Tampon-Lajariette et Thierry Vincent / compagnie B.A.L
Photo : Ilia Osokin

Caption: Jossia Clément, in Ecoute, Respire // Bleu, filmed in the auditorium of the Marc Chagall National Museum, Nice. (c) collectif 19 Boulevard Bouillon, 2020.