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Duet Les ANnANnAS - Circus season 2020

Sunday May 17th 2020, at 03:00 pm

Duet Les ANnANnAS - Circus season 2020

Duet Les ANnANnAS - Circus season 2020

Duo Les AnnAnAs, Anna Loviat et Anna Pinto. Photo: DR / Piste d'Azur, 2020
Published at 27 March 2020
Sunday, May 17th 2020, at 03:00 pm : 2nd Circus event of 2020's season, at the Fernand Léger national Museum, in partnership with Piste d'Azur, the regional Centre for the Circus Arts !



Anna Pinto, des ANnANnAs, duo cirque. Dessin: DR, 2020

on Sunday May 17th 2020, at 03:00 p.m.

"Go to the circus. Nothing is as round as the circus (...)", Fernand Léger

2nd event of the 3rd season "Circles in action", 2020

The Fernand Léger national Museum organizes each year a cultural program focused on the circus arts. In contact with the Museum's collections and spaces, circus and movement artists have free to reinvent the writings and forms of this artistic discipline, celebrated by Fernand Léger for his poetic language and his commitment to the world.

Duet Les ANnANnAS

The Franco-Italian duo, formed by Anna Loviat and Anna Pinto, doesn't only play with words: both artists handle singing and music with talent, splitting the tunes with trapeze movements and fabric throws.

Free admission, subject to availability.


A co-production of Piste d'Azur, Centre régional des Arts du Cirque - PACA, and the Alpes-Maritimes national museums of the 20th century.




Caption : Anna Pinto, from the duet Les ANnaANnAS. Photo: DR, 2020.