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Vigipirate Plan Winter - Spring 2020

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Vigipirate Plan Winter - Spring 2020

Vigipirate Plan Winter - Spring 2020

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Published at 24 June 2019
Please find below some valuable advice to organize your coming to the Museum and to follow in case of terrorist attack. During winter until spring 2020, the Vigipirate Plan is still active in all French national public institutions.

Vigipirate Plan - preventives measures
Marc Chagall National Museum

Following the terror attacks in Paris on November 2015 then in Nice in July 2016, and to ensure the safety of our visitors, the museum is strictly applying the security measures decided by the french authorities.

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It is strongly recommanded not to bring suitcases and luggages to the Museum. Only luggages not exceeding 55 x35 x 20 cm will be accepted. Luggages and big items are not allowed.

Our bags and sacs et belongings will be consistently searched at the entrance of the Museum.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience & we thank you by advance for your cooperation.

Please find on the left side some valuable advice & recommendations from the General Secretary Office in charge of national Defence & Security :

"How to behave in case of a possible terrorist attack"
"What to do if you are exposed to any toxic gas".

Thus, in order to prepare well your travels and movements abroad, please refer the file below :

To get more information about SGDSN (The General Secretariat for Defence and National Security)

Marc Chagall national Museum thank strongly their visitors for their attention and their cooperation.